What does made to order really mean?

We're often asked why don't we stock bedding like everyone else? 

With the fast pace of online shopping and quick shipping, the store must have the products ready to ship the same day.

How do they do this?

Well, the company has imported a container full of products made in another country and they must sell the contents of in order to get the money to buy the next container of goods. If the inventory in the container doesn't sell quickly, they go on sale util they finally clear it out. Also, the company must sell the contents in as many online stores as possible, using the exact same online pictures for every online store so that every online retailer can sell some of the same exact inventory that all the other online retailers get too.That's why you see many of same products no matter where online you shop.

The Advent of the Modern-Day Shipping Container

The products are packed into big metal containers and ships take usually 2-4 weeks to cross the ocean, then products sit another week or so waiting to be unloaded. 

Learning how to stack items in your shipping container can help you avoid  headaches and prevent damage to your goods. Start with these five tips. |  Container Technology, Inc

Also, foreign factories all have minimums , long lead times and you can't control and fine tune what you want because you must buy what they demand.

We are not in that game. We decided long ago, to support our USA factories.

Plus, we never want to be stuck with a warehouse full of dated merchandise that we have to toss online to make it go away. It really takes the special quality of luxury textiles and uniqueness out completely. These importers are always battling newness because they cycle through the same goods over and over.

We don't have to.

When you place your order with us, we enter it and we pull the fabric rolls from our local inventory and begin to make the order it just for you.

We dye the fabric in small dye lots , and print our fabric to order ,then we hand cut with a scissors every piece, then sew everything to your order in our workroom. We hand gather all our ruffles, and our seamstresses take great pride in everything they sew. 

We know it's not easy waiting, but it is really worth it, everything really good takes time..


Yes it's not immediate, but what you receive is a gorgeous, beautifully made product that was made just for you.

We really believe that this bespoke way of production means something lasting for you and your family. And that waiting for something unique and wonderful is worth it. 

We know from all your emails that you are delighted with your Linen Salvage purchases and we truly hope we can continue to provide you with beautiful products that we love making just for you!

Made in USA is our DNA!


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